CNS Greetings


Bio-industry is received attention among the industry of next-generation growth power as it is the representative knowledge-based industry which is able to create the high added values. Especially, bio-equipment industry is the necessary field for a bio-environment and to produce the bio-foods and biomedical products.

Our company is known as the technology-intensive small and medium sized enterprise that emphasizes on technology. We actively invest in R&D that initially developed, produced “the microorganism incubator with indirect sterilization” and “SMB chromatography system” to deliver to about 1,000 domestic clients.

CNS Inc. develops and produces the bio-equipment which embraces upstream and downstream along with the development of Bio-industry. Ever since it is established in 2004, we develop and produce not only Fermenter, Bioreactor but also the new products such as SMB, Auto sampler, Gas analyzer throughout sustainable research and development to supply the products with high quality.

CNS Inc. will do our best to be the enterprise which affords clienteles the trust and satisfaction based on advanced technology.