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Specification MARADO-double
Vessel Type Standard : Bowl Type 2ea
Software HILI(PC & panel-Touch Screen)
Foot print W1000 x D650 x H1800/1150
Vessel Working Volume 1L : 0.3-0.7L  / 2.5L : 0.75-1.75  /  5L : 1.25-3.75L  /  7.5L : 2.0-5.5L  /  10L : 2.5L-7.5L
Vessel Volume 1L, 2.5L, 5L, 7.5L, 10L
Agitation Speed 50 - 1,200 RPM
Impeller Type Standard : Rushton(changeable)
Operating Temperature 4-80℃
Vessel material Borosilicate glass, stainless-steel 316L
Adjustable port Adjustable port
Exhaust Condenser Stainless-steel exhaust condenser, mounted on the head plate
pH Sensor One gel pH Electrode with digital display in 0.01 increments
pH Range & Control 0-14 pH, via PID control, Cascade to pumps, gases and external loops
DO Sensor One polarographic DO sensor with digital in 0.1% increments
DO Range & Control 0-100%, via PID control, Cascade to agitation, gases, pumps and external loops
Foam Sensor One foam sensor with digital display in 1 increments
Pumps 3 built-in, assignable, peristaltic pumps are standard, 25 RPM speed duty cycle
PV/SV Setting pH, DO Temperature, RPM, Air Feeding
Control & Setting PID control & on-off setting
Aeration Ring sparger is provided with 0.2㎛ disposable filter
vessel top plate

Rugged design for vessel top plate
Good for holding up heavy motor(BLDC)
customized design(one touch port)

Water bath

bowl type- indirectly controlled water circulation
Precise temperature control
Maintains the nutrient of medium in best condition


Emit when it overflows(for preventing contamination)
Minimize the amount of water evaporation
Easy to remove/clean