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Capacity Plant
Vessel Volume 1,000L 2,000L 3,000L 5,000L 10,000-100,000L
Working Volume 700L 1,400L 2,100L 3,500L 7,000-70,000L
Speed(RPM) 50-250 50-250 50-200 50-200 30-150
Motor Kw(Hp) 7.5(10) 15(20) 15(20) 22(30) 37(50)
Construction Aspect Ratio  2.2:1
Material of Contruction : STS316L
Finish : 0.6Ra(Internal/External), Option : electro polished interior
Agitation Drive : Top/Bottom drive, Units-mechanical seal
Impeller : (3) Rushton
Baffle : 4 removable, STS316L
Air Line Line comes equipped with rotameter, SIP inlet filter, and sparger
Options include : mass flow controller system
Exhaust Line Exhaust condenser
Automatic backpressure control
Temperature control line All systems come with automatic sterilization as standard
Indirect sterilization by heated water circulation
Sensor pH / DO kit
Retractable probe housing
Controller Each system comes standard with an industrial PLC
Large color touch PC operator interface that is use4d to access multiple screens and functions