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Specification SMB Bio system, SMB Chem system
Pump Type : Dual piston pjmp 4 sets or 5 sets
Flow rate : 0.1~100ml/min or 1~200ml/min
Flow accuracy : ± 0.3%
Max pressure : 1Mpa or 5Mpa or 100MPa
Safety Function : Column integrity protected bvy convenient upper-limit pressure switch
valve Manifold system block(Feed valve, Eluent valve, Product valve, Transfer valve
Column Material : Glass column or STS column
Size : 6mm x 150mm or 25mm x 300mm or 50mm x 500mm
Packing material : Size exclusion resin, lon exchange Resin, ODS
Max pressure : Glass column(100-900psi), STS column(1000-7000psi)
Detector Wave length : Variable UV Detector - 190~1000nm
Light source : Deuterium and tungsten halogen lamps
Noise and Drift : <±1 x 10-5 AU(over 30 sec period peak to peak, 1.0 sec rise time);<±1 x 10-4 AU(over 30 min period peak to peak, 1.0 sec rise time) with STD sample cell at constant temperature
Sample cell : Standard HPLC flow cell with 10nm path length, total dead volume of 19 μL
Additional Options RID, Brix meter, Conductivity, pH meter
Control Operation Program : Human machin Interface
Operation Method : Step control, Sequence control
Monitoring : Real time(UV absorbance, Conductivity, pH)